At-Home Activities Perfect for Older Minds

Here at The Beeches Residential Home, we regularly host activities designed to engage the minds of older individuals and those with dementia.

Dementia affects the mind, leading to problems with memory loss, thinking speed and mental sharpness. Despite this, research demonstrates that the brain is often still active in other areas, helping individuals to feel emotions still.

To improve wellbeing and keep the mind as active as possible, it’s crucial to continue to enjoy different exercises and experiences that can support the brain. So, if you or a loved one is looking for more activities to enjoy from the comfort of your own home, here are some of our resident’s favourite activities.

Listen to music

Put the record player on and enjoy humming, tapping, singing or even dancing along to favourite tracks and albums. Music and sound are always filling the airwaves at The Beeches. We frequently welcome singers and have access to all of our resident’s favourite tunes.

Music can be a very therapeutic experience, especially to those living with dementia, reminding individuals of good memories and the art that soundtracked their lives. Even in its latest stages, research has shown individuals reacting positively when playing songs from the past.

Get crafty

Enjoying arts and craft can be a great way to exercise the mind. It encourages creativity and provides a great channel to show expression through. From sewing and knitting through to cutting, sticking and colouring in, any art-focused activity can be a calming experience.

During craft sessions, we’ve found arty tasks to be the perfect opportunity for socialising with others too – there’s nothing better than discussing your art or taking inspiration.


Touch can be a huge part of engaging people through senses. We’ve found massage to be one of the best ways to incorporate that into life at home.

We regularly connect with residents, offering pamper sessions that include manicures and a little massage at the end. Not only does it provide stimulation for the mind, but it’s a great relaxer and can lead to some valuable socialisation.


Reminiscence therapy can have a significant impact on individuals living with dementia, and The Beeches team have seen the benefits time and time again. Our favourite way to encourage residents to look back on their favourite memories is to go through photos.

Whether they’re family photo albums or simply images of significant places or items, images can take people back to some of their best memories and lead to some great conversations. Flick through an album, ask questions and enjoy the memories.

Stay connected

The best way to exercise the mind is to stay connected with friends, family and loved ones! While physical catch-ups will always be more meaningful, it doesn’t have to be face to face. Here at the home, we regularly support residents with video calls to loved ones, helping them catch up and connect with the most important figures in their lives.

While those are just a few examples of what you can do at home, there are loads of different activities that can be enjoyed. The best experiences stimulate all senses; touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste, and make sure whatever you do is enjoyable!

Want to discover more about what we do at The Beeches Residential Home? From at-home dementia activities to pet therapy, there’s always lots going on. For more info, get in touch via our contact form, or give us a ring on 01359 230773

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