Bonfire Night Celebrations for the Elderly

Remember remember…the 5th of November. Here at The Beeches, we understand how important it is to spend time with your loved ones, especially during special times of the year, such as Bonfire Night. So we’ve put together a few tips on how to help you support those dear to you, safely and happily.

Reassurance is Important

It’s important to let your loved one know about any plans you have for them, or what may be in happening in their local area. Let them know if there is a firework display nearby, or if you are planning a party they are invited to. Do they want to be involved or would they rather stay safely inside? Tell them about how you and your community are planning to celebrate the night and reassure them. There will be no big surprises when they hear loud noises or if they visit you and there are more people there than normal.

Have a Feast

An alternative to an outdoor party is to throw an indoor Bonfire night party that focuses more on the food and music. Having everyone around the table, can really bring people together, so put on a spread full of food that evokes memories from past childhood experiences, a great way to get someone with dementia more engaged in the experience.


It’s a magical time of the year so talk to your loved ones about their life growing up and their best memories of the festive season. We’re sure you’ll be giggling in no time and you will probably learn something new. Their bonfire night celebrations probably looked a lot different to the modern day displays we now see so let them educate you! 

Take Part Safely 

It’s a great idea to watch fireworks from a safe distance, or perhaps even inside if someone is feeling particularly anxious. Being able to enjoy the display without the loud noise or too large of a crowd can make it much more enjoyable.

Wear appropriate clothing and remember that the elderly will feel the cold more than most people. They may also need high visibility clothing if they are walking in the dark – and take a torch if the ground is uneven.

Although the idea of including an elderly person can seem quite daunting, planning in advance and being aware of what your loved one wants, will help to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone. If they don’t want to, or can’t take part, don’t feel disappointed, perhaps take lots of photos and videos to share with them after the event.

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