Our Approach to Care

Maintaining every resident’s dignity, individuality and quality of life is our priority.

Each of our carers has a deep understanding of the different types of dementia and are specially trained to support older people. We work with residents and their families to create an individual dementia care plan that will support the resident in continuing their happy and fulfilling life.

We use the principles of reality orientation and reminiscence therapy. This is to support residents in feeling more positive and reducing some of the negative effects of dementia.

Every day, carers spend time with residents to ensure they experience maximum physical and mental stimulation.

Whilst The Beeches Residential Home is a very secure setting for our Residents, the home is fully integrated with the local community. Residents often head out to the local shops, post office, library and the church.

The home also houses several pets that keep residents engaged along with ensuring they benefit from the copious health benefits that time with animals can provide. We’re currently home to two pygmy goats, tropical fish and a small aviary.

Healthcare professionals regularly visit the home to provide a good range of additional services for our residents. This includes our local GP, District Nurses, our local Dentist, Chiropodists, Opticians and a Hairdresser.