The Beeches – Autumn News!

The calendar at The Beeches is always jam-packed with entertaining things to do, ensuring everyone gets the most out of every day. An important element of both elderly care, and specifically dementia care is providing residents with interesting things to do to ensure that they are stimulated, engaged and happy. The benefits for both mind and body are countless when you continue to stay physically and mentally active.

The autumnal events at Beeches means that residents can feel a sense of productivity, achievement and success day-to-day, as well as stimulating cognitive function, and ensuring that there is always something to look forward to and talk about.

Let’s take a look at some of the things the staff and residents have been up to this autumn…

81st and 91st birthdays for Pam and Bob

Over the last few months both Bob and Pam have celebrated their birthdays with friends and fellow residents at The Beeches. Pam was 81 years young in October, and celebrated with balloons, singing and a cake topped with brilliant, pink, piped icing.

Bob blew out his birthday candles at the end of September when he turned the magnificent age of 91. Huge happy birthdays to Bob and Pam!

The residents at The Beeches are no strangers to the wonderful world of nature, and the fantastic animals that come with it. At the start of November, some of the residents tried their hand at making winter-friendly bug houses to hang out around the garden.

Creature Comforts

Using recycled bottles, tubes, leaves and twigs, the residents assembled a selection of tiny homes where bugs can take refuge, nest, or stop for a nap! Engaging those living with dementia with physical, crafty exercises has a number of benefits, and is so beneficial to keep the mind busy.

Benefits of arts and crafts for the elderly are:

  • Reduces agitation
  • Sense or purpose
  • Engaging and mentally stimulating
  • Provides a new topic of conversation
  • Can help with dexterity
  • Alleviates boredom

Hopefully the local bugs will get some good sleep in their newly created hotels.

In keeping with the wild theme, the start of October saw the celebration of World Animal Day. World Animal Day is an internationally celebrated day which aims to bring attention to and improve animal rights and welfare around the world. The staff and residents at The Beeches care home are animal lovers. Did you know that The Beeches is currently home to Jack and Jill the pygmy goats, an aviary of birds and a tropical fish tank?

Take a walk on the wild side

Engaging with animals has several advantages for someone living with dementia. According to Alzheimer’s Society “There are some suggestions that animals can communicate better than humans with people with dementia. This is thought to be because animals rely more on body language than verbal communication.”

Residents living with dementia who had pets in their younger years may be able to reminisce on their lives and their own pets as memories, and are stimulated by the presence of animals. As older memories are more often the last to fade – if at all – it can be great listening to residents as they take a stroll down memory lane.

Happy World Animal Day to Jack and Jill and all the other critters at The Beeches residential home!

The staff and residents at The Beeches really enjoy keeping busy, and celebrating all that the different seasons throw their way.

The Beeches provides residential care in Ixworth. To keep up to date with events, activities and celebrations make sure to like the home’s Facebook page @BeechesIxworth or call the team for more information on 01359 230 773.


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