The Benefits of Friendship

Close friendship with others in your older years can significantly benefit your overall health. 

As we grow older and enter retirement, many of us will have more time to spare that our families can’t always fill. As such, feelings of loneliness may begin to develop.

At The Beeches, we support a close-knit community of 44 residents. We encourage the growth of friendships through regular activities to not only combat loneliness but to improve our residents physical and mental wellbeing.

Enrich your life and Improve your health

Loneliness can lead to poor emotional wellbeing and cause feelings of depression and anxiety. In fact, research from Brigham Young University shows that experiencing isolation for an extended period can increase the likelihood of premature death. 

Developing close bonds with others, a person feels an increased sense of belonging. This can improve confidence and self-worth. Social interactions and engaging with other people also stimulates the brain and boosts cognitive ability.

Not only do our residents get to enjoy a variety of activities and excursions, we also house a small collection of pets, allowing residents the chance to enjoy the health benefits that spending time with animals provides. From tropical fish to pygmy goats, there are plenty of creatures for our residents to enjoy. We are always happy to include our furry friends in friendship month..

Making Friends, Helping People

Older people may begin to find it harder to nurture existing friendships. This is because mobility and travel can become a challenge, as can communication. 

For over 200 years the Oddfellows has helped its members and today have a national network of 115 Branches and 404,000 UK members. They also provide a range of social, care and financial benefits for those who are experiencing life’s ups, or downs.

Oddfellows is “On a mission to bring friends back together and encourage new connections after 18 months of isolation and social restrictions”

As one of the largest friendly societies in the UK, they are putting on a month-long festival of friendship with hundreds of taster events across the country. From walks and picnics to pub lunches, quizzes, and afternoon teas, as well as online open days.

The events are designed to be welcoming, enjoyable experiences. Highlighting the benefits of joining a local friendship group.  

If you’re interested in learning more about Oddfellow’s Friendship Month, click here.

Call 01359 230773 or email for more information.

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