Meet Jack and Jill – our resident goats!

For all of those that visit our care home regularly, you will have seen and met our furry resident goats Jack and Jill. Their cheeky ways bring a smile to our resident’s faces nearly every day. But what is it about animals that people love so much?

As care specialists, The Beeches Residential Home understands the positive effect animals can have on people, especially the elderly and those living with dementia. That’s why we always welcome a whole host of animals into the home to visit, and even share our home with Jack and Jill.

For many of our residents, these two lovable goats have been a beneficial source of companionship and enjoyment, whether it’s checking in on them from the comfort of the home, or when they are feeding them snacks and enjoying time outside in the garden.

The Beeches Residential Home in Ixworth also houses an aviary full of colourful birds and a tank of tropical fish, which both provide visual stimulation and are very relaxing to watch. We strive for our residents to have an entirely personalised care experience, whether that’s spending time with our beloved pets or our approach to care. 

Our resident animals form part of our pet therapy programme that enhances the lives of our residents. But why is it so beneficial to spend time with animals? 

Improving mood

Research has proven that therapy animals affect brain chemistry, for the better. For those that are suffering with depression, stress and loneliness, an animal to bond with can be of huge benefit to that individual. We are pleased to hear that goats are increasingly being used as therapy animals, who like many other animals, offer non-judgemental affection and attention.

At The Beeches we are so pleased to hear this news as we have always recognised the joy Jack and Jill bring, even if they are a bit cheeky!


Residents can sometimes feel frustrated and angry, especially those who cannot communicate or who are confused. Animals provide a fantastic distraction in this scenario. They provide a calming effect and can reduce agitation and frustration. It’s lovely to see a resident’s attitude change when we take them to see the goats or watch the birds, and we can then discuss how they are feeling in a different environment.

Increased social and physical activity

Being around animals encourages residents to take part in more physical activity, benefiting not only their mental wellbeing, but their physical health too. It provides another reason to go outside or look out of the window. Spending time with animals can be a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that is something that we actively encourage at our wonderful care home in Ixworth. 

If you want to discover more about how our care (and animals!) could benefit you or a loved one, get in touch with our friendly care team today. Leave a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01359 230773.

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